Vendor Registration Form

I/We wish to register at the Hampton Roads Encore! Awards Show as a vendor, and will adhere to the requirements, rules, and regulations outlined by the organization. A copy of my signed application will be provided to me/us, per request.  I/We understand that I/we am/are expected to adhere to all application requirements set forth in the registration packet.


I/We release permission for all images, video, or digital recordings that represent or identify me and/or my business and representatives, as well as my name to be used for marketing, promotional, or selling publicly or privately for the sole purpose of this organization. I understand that there will not be any financial compensation provided to me for this purpose.

By submitting below, I confirm I have read the electronic 'Vendor Registration Packet' in its entirety and consent to all content.  Clicking submit verifies my electronic signature. 

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